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Give yourself, and your children, the best chance of recovery with Trauma cover

Major illness is tough to deal with, so nobody needs the added financial pressures that it can bring.

If you were seriously ill, could you cover the cost of your treatment, and pay the regular household bills, while taking the time off you need to recover? 

How hard would it be on those who depend on you? And, if a child of yours were ill, could you spare the time to support them with their recovery?

Good health can’t be taken for granted – so it pays to plan for the unexpected.

What is Trauma cover?

Imsure Trauma cover can provide you the financial support you need at such times, helping pay for treatment and help at home, and enabling you to take the time you need to recover, or to be there for your children.

We offer two types of Trauma cover, each as personal or business cover:

  • Living Assurance – pays a one-off lump sum, and is available as Comprehensive or Essential cover
  • Progressive Care – can pay out multiple times, based on the severity of the illness, of for other non-related illnesses. 

You can extend your Trauma cover with a range of add-ons, including Specialist and Diagnostic Testing, and Accidental Injury Cover.

Children’s Trauma cover

Trauma cover is available for children, aged two and upwards. The last thing you want to be worrying about when your child is seriously ill or injured is how much it might cost in treatment and time off.

Get covered with confidence

Imsure has advisers all over New Zealand working with leading insurance providers to get the best deal for you.  

And we’re always here to help with your insurance needs, should your circumstances change or you need to make a claim.

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