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From the big players to the little battlers, we back our business clients with the sort of passion that you only get from hard-working, dedicated insurance professionals. 

Our boutique business relies on your business and we’ll go in to bat for you like we’re part of your team and we play like the heavy hitters.

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Key Person Insurance

For many, your work colleagues are like a second family. The thought of anything happening to them is as devastating as if they were your own flesh and blood. Much like a family, if something happens to a key member, you want to know that everyone else is going to be OK while you navigate the impact of this unfortunate loss.

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Buy-Sell Cover

Kiwi business is known for being 'all in'. But what if someone wants to take their shares out? They might be retiring or simply looking to cash up and move on. No matter the situation, converting those shares from market value into cash in a tax efficient manner is critical.

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Group Policies

The team of people that you have brought together to help run your business is like a machine consisting of many integral human elements. The better they are looked after, the better they perform. Group policies are designed to enable the policy owner (typically the owner of a business) to provide cover to a number of people under one contract. 

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Level premiums vs annual increases

Did you know that you can have insurance where the premiums stay the same year after year? Imsure offers you the choice. Ask us about level premiums today.

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