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The Mortgage Girls
Mortgage Advisers

When we talk to clients about insurance cover for a prospective real estate purchase, we always recommend The Mortgage Girls for those still looking to get their property financed.

Like us, The Mortgage Girls are agnostic, and so, can do great things for you.

Agnostic simply means not being affiliated with any one major brand and able to offer you more choice. But that’s not all. Working with a mortgage adviser can also give you:

the mortgage girls


The Mortgage Girls will be able to find a variety of mortgage options for you, so you can compare products and prices, and decide which suits your needs best.


Different lenders have profiles for the types of clients and credit situations they’d prefer. Your mortgage adviser can look at your situation and advise as to the institutions that would be the best fit for you.


Typically, you pay no fees to a mortgage adviser. They get loans on a wholesale basis from lenders, which can make the total loan cost lower for the client. As mentioned above, you get to shop around, so you can leverage that position and secure the very best finance package. 


Your mortgage adviser is working for you rather than the bank. Having your interests at heart, they can really go in and bat for you, and get the very best results.


You deal direct with the mortgage adviser, and they with the various lending institutions. You fill out the forms once, and then they use their connections and expertise to make short work of a process that would eat into your precious time were you to do it yourself.


Like Imsure, The Mortgage Girls approach their work on a very personal level. They judge their success on the metric of client satisfaction.

The Mortgage Girls services include:

  • Savings planning for a first home deposits
  • Home lending for first home buyers
  • Home lending for existing home buyers
  • Rental property investment lending
  • Fixed rate reviews
  • Home loan top ups / refinancing
  • Business / Commercial lending *
  • Debt consolidation
  • Car loans

*Some business and commercial lending fees and charges may apply however this will be discussed at the time of application.

Meet your personal broker. Get a quote.

Find out how your property goals could be closer than you think. Get in touch with The Mortgage Girls for free advice on property finance. One of their advisers will put together a personalised, no-obligation quote for you to climb the next rung on the property ladder.